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What is Peek WebXR for Sitecore?

Peek WebXR for Sitecore is the world’s first Extended Reality (VR, AR, 360 web) platform built to work seamlessly on the world’s leading Experience Management Platform – Sitecore

Sitecore + WebVR = TechGuilds Peek

Peek XR allows marketers and content managers to deliver XR experiences without the need to engage technical resources. Leveraging the power of Sitecore’s best of breed experience management, analytics, marketing automation and WCMS capabilities, deploy XR experiences just like you’d publish any other piece of content on your website. And because Peek uses WebXR, those experiences gracefully adapt to a wide range of VR/AR and standard digital devices like tablets and mobile phones without having to download any plug-in, app or extension!


Why Peek?

If you’re on Sitecore, then creating immersive Extended Reality experiences have never been easier! Peek is designed to be highly customizable and scalable and best of all, if you know how to create content in Sitecore, you will already know how to use Peek!

The world is going (even more) Virtual

  • Offer a compelling and immersive experience to your customers
  • Enhance usability and increase “stickiness” of content
  • Increase conversion

Built from the ground up to work with Sitecore

  • Peek is an add-on to Sitecore and can be installed as a Sitecore package
  • All the wonderful Sitecore marketing automation features and tracking are available natively to Peek out of the box!
  • Peek follows Sitecore paradigm. A webpage is equivalent to a scene page, and a link is a nav hotspot that links two scenes together.

Built with best-of-breed technologies

  • Fully compatible and integrated with Matterport scans.
  • Built on WebXR, it's 100% web-based. No apps or plugins required. All you need is a URL and a browser.
  • It's adaptive to desktop, tablets or mobile phone.
  • Use your smartphone as a VR device with the ability to switch to binocular view instantly.

You're ready to build worlds right out-of-the-box!

  • Peek comes with four built-in components that are built with Helix principles: Navigation Hotspot, Information hotspot, 3D model, and AR Fly out.
  • Extend it by building your own XR components and add it to your components library.



See Peek in Action

See the power of the experience platform in the new realities! 

Virtual School Tours

Take a peek on a 360 virtual tour at GEMS school in Dubai

Immersive 360° Video Experiences

Experience the thrill virtually in this 360 video of jumping out of a plane over the Palm Island in Dubai!


Virtual Tours with Personalized Content

Take a visit to the PTC's Centre of Excellence facilities without leaving your seat!

Virtual Learning & Edutainment

Explore this 3D virtual museum and walk up to each exhibit for a closer look! (Use "WASD" keys on your keyboard to move around)


About TechGuilds

TechGuilds is a technology consulting company specializing in all things Sitecore. At our core, we are thinkers, makers and and innovators. Our passion for the Sitecore community is what drives us. It’s also what motivated us to develop Peek.