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About Peek

Peek is the world’s first Virtual Reality platform built on the world’s leading Experience Management Platform – Sitecore

Peek VR for Sitecore XP, by Sitecore experts TechGuilds, is a bold, forward-looking initiative aimed at empowering marketers and content managers to deliver VAMR experiences without the need to engage technical resources using their existing WCMS. Peek VR for Sitecore XP brings VR capability to the industry’s leading experience management platform, enabling enterprises to deliver WebVR experiences while leveraging the power of Sitecore’s best of breed experience management, marketing automation and WCMS capabilities, and because it’s WebVR, those experiences gracefully adapt to a wide range of VR and traditional devices without the need for customers to download a special purpose application.

Sitecore + WebVR = TechGuilds Peek

Why Peek?

Peek allows you to create, edit and personalize mixed reality experiences in just a few clicks, right from the Sitecore Experience editor, using the same content and a set of VR and AR components included in the Peek starter package. You can also create your own components for Peek making it future-proof, highly customizable and scalable! With Peek you can:

  • Peek is an add-on to Sitecore and can be installed as a Sitecore package
  • Fully compatible and integrated with Matterport scans.
  • All the wonderful Sitecore marketing automation features and tracking are available natively to Peek out of the box!
  • Peek follows Sitecore paradigm. A webpage is equivalent to a scene page, and a link is a nav hotspot that links two scenes together. 
  • It comes with four main sample components that are built with Helix principles: Navigation Hotspot, Information hotspot, 3D model, and AR Fly out.
  • Peek is a WebXR framework, so you can extend it by building your own XR components and add it to your components library. When designing XR components consider reviewing  the VR Interface Design Manifesto by Google's VR UX Designer, Mike Alger.
  • It's 100% web-based. No apps or plugins required. All you need is a URL and a browser.
  • It's adoptive to desktop or mobile phone, it switches to binocular view on mobile phones.
  • Offer a compelling and immersive experience to your customers
  • Increase conversion
  • Enhance usability and increase “stickiness” of content


Over the last few years we have seen significant advancements and investments leading up to what well may be the next great shift in our communication history: WebXR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality). Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and Oculus have invested billions on R&D, nurturing development communities, consumer devices and making WebXR an important milestone in their strategic roadmaps over the next ten years.

A 2015 PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) survey of US manufacturers revealed that more than one third expect to adopt WebXR technologies by 2018. At that time, although about 75% manufacturers believed that WebXR would be moderately to extremely important to manufacturing competitiveness over the next decade, most had no idea how to proceed, recognizing a gap in their ability to deliver solutions.

Matterport Sitecore Integration

Demo Peek WebXR for Sitecore 

See the power of the experience platform in the new realities! 

We used the Real Estate industry as an application where the value of VR is most evident nowadays. Yet, Peek is applicable to all industries and applications that add value to enterprises and their customers. Try our demo now and share your feedback!

About TechGuilds

TechGuilds was founded in 2014 by three software development veterans with over 45 years combined experience in delivering enterprise application and business solutions. What began as trio specialist enabling success in new and established Sitecore Partners, is now a healthy, competent and innovative team of 14. While our skills and experience are wide-ranging Sitecore is our focus. We boast two of Canada’s 13 Sitecore MVPs and invest heavily in continuous training and professional development, ensuring that we’re always bringing to bear the very best strategic guidance and technical know-how delivered via effective and transparent processes and practices.

Elite Field Intelligence

The TechGuild’s team is highly specialised with decades of experience on Sitecore and Sitecore related technologies. Our experience enables us to rapidly pinpoint and resolve the toughest Sitecore and CRM problems to ensure maximum stability and availability, customers have grown to expect.

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Embedded Engagement & Enablement

As Sitecore becomes critical to you or your digital marketing strategy, you need resources that can support and extend that strategy as needed. TechGuilds embeds its team within your organisation to understand its ecosystem and engages/enables your team to support your Sitecore and CRM solutions going forward.

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Win the Digital Arms Race

Sitecore is growing in demand as the digital marketing arms race accelerates. Integrating Sitecore into complex enterprise infrastructures & workflows including CRM, E-Commerce, and Personalization requires expertise to envision both the strategic business objective and the tactical decisions to achieve it.

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