The World goes Virtual with Peek WebXR for Sitecore

Bringing Immersive VR, AR and mixed reality experiences to the Sitecore world

Get Peek for Free* - Our Best Offer Yet for Sitecore Symposium 2020

To support our community TechGuilds is offering the Peek WebXR license for free to those who wish to deliver an immersive virtual experience with the content authoring, maintenance, and ease of use as Sitecore XP.

On a 2 year license, the first 6 months will be completely free and the rest of the term is discounted.

What’s included in the license:

  • VR/AR components library
  • Software support for critical issues
  • Response times to critical issues of 3 business days or less
  • Software updates for new major Sitecore versions

What is Peek?

Peek is the first virtual reality platform built on Sitecore Experience Management Platform. It brings virtual, augmented and mixed reality scenarios into the Sitecore experience platform ecosystem. These infusions allow Sitecore users to deliver virtual reality experience to their clients without the need for coding and technical skills. The objectives for adopting such technologies include offering a compelling and immersive experience to customers, that lead to higher engagement and increasing conversions.

For the marketer, all the analytical behavioural insights are seamlessly made available because Peek allows Sitecore to treat the Peek content like any web content allowing for not only enhanced understanding

How does it work?

Peek comes with a Peek Sitecore XP editor and includes APIs and components to create immersive virtual worlds. TechGuilds have designed it with simplicity in mind. Content authors and managers may leverage their new or existing content with virtual reality and augmented reality solutions through simple drag and drop interfaces, without having to rely on developers on coding or other complicated technical processes.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality assets generated using Peek are stored in the Sitecore Media Library. Larger assets, such as video, may require storage in a digital asset management system integrated within Sitecore.

Customers can get the benefits of such enhancements, without having to download an additional app or install new functionality. In a way, Peek based solution takes the mobile-first approach in development to a whole new level.